4 comments on “Life as a Tree

  1. Awesome video and incredible behavior captured!! Are all those animal (broad term because I have no idea what half of them are…) seen regularly?

    Maybe a post with some basic animal identification…

  2. Absolutely love it Ad! As Gavin said, please can we have an ID on the birds and animals…have no idea what most of them are! Hope you well!

  3. Hi Adam, I just love this clip. Is it a puma cub that comes up from bihind or is it a jaguar cub? The jaguar is enormous it seems. Looking forward to more news from Pantanal.

    • Hi Elisabeth. It is wonderful footage isn’t it. It is a puma cub. Amazing how spotted it is! The jaguars here are very large. The one in the tree is a female known as Esperança

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